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Thank you for purchasing e-Gift Certificate !

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to get e-gift certificate here,that could be shared with all your family,your friends...


e-Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions:

  • Gift certificates do not expire.

  • Gift certificates must be redeemed through the Nails Plus Spa location and must be used toward all the service on the store menu or purchase of products available in the store.

  • Gift certificates cannot be returned for a refund.

  • Nails Plus Spa hereby promise that do not disclose any information about you to the third parties.

  • Nails Plus Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

  • If you have any questions, please contact store 647-345-6772.

e-Gift Certificate Instructions

Log into your Canadian financial institution's online banking and initiate your interac eTransfer using the following parameters:


Autodeposit enabled

Name                 Nails Plus 



Message            Enter your "Purchase Service Name"

                            or tap  "Purchase Amounts"




After you purchasing:

  • The e-gift certificate number will be issued to you by email

  • Keep the confirmation email just in case when you using in store

  • Any query you may give us a call 647-345-6772

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